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For all your aviation needs

We provide the right tools for Flight Safety, Operational Efficiency and Business Viability from our base at Heraklion airport.

Approval Certificate: EL.145.0084

CAMO (Part M SP G)

Our airworthiness services can be enjoyed by both Commercial Air Transport and Private Aircraft operators. We can offer airworthiness management tasks to airlines and full CAM support and Airworthiness Reviews to privately owned aircraft.

PART 145

We have established a synergistic group comprising of a Part-145 Organisation and well educated, highly competent and very experienced Part 66 LAE B1/B2/C engineers covering most popular aircraft types at our Heraklion airport station in Crete, Greece.


We offer specialised crew roster services, which can be adapted to any flight time limitations rules, create alarms for training and medical tests and be coupled with the Technical Log System in order to produce Flight Logs and Individual Pilot Log Books, with flight hours, sectors, and any other information required.


In addition to drawing up the actual flight plan, we can also provide additional services such as Traffic Rights Requests, Landing Permits, Overflight Clearances, Ground Handling, Airport Parking and Refuelling Arrangements etc.


All of our services run on in-house software, built within the industry from the ground up with usability based on real world input. Our fully managed software solutions will save you money by organising your CAMO and Part 145 with our intelligent planners and budgeting reports. Boost your airline efficiency by providing online, accessible services to your staff and partners in order to reduce work load and increase productivity. Because of the fully hosted nature of our software, an airline will not need a dedicated I.T. team or infrastructure, further reducing costs.


Our expertise in the field is unmatched


Αll aviation related legal cases require the cooperation of lawyers with engineers, pilots and some times other specialised aviation proffessions. We cooperate with specialised legal firms all over the world, in order to effectively Assist, Advise, Protect, Defend and Represent our clients.


Obtaining regulatory approval is a daunting task. At Mav we are familiar with the relevant topics, structures, manuals and procedures. We can help you obtain all types of certifications, such as Part 145 (maintenance approval), Air Operator’s Certificate, stand alone CAMO, Approved Training Organisation and Maintenance Training Organisation certification.


Whether you want to buy, sell, lease out or lease in aircraft, we have the technical, legal and financial expertise to safeguard your interests. We have worldwide contacts of lessors, operators, and owners. Selecting the right aircraft can be difficult and operating the wrong type in the wrong routes can become catastrophically expensive. We will advise you <b>free of charge</b> if you are buying or leasing the right aircraft for the intended use or not.


In aviation you have to present a business plan to the aviation authority, to a financial institution for financing your business or an aircraft, to an authority to compete for a subsidy, to an organisation to compete for a contract and so many other occasions. Whatever your needs, our experts have the knowledge and the experience to prepare the business plan for you.


Through our synergies we offer a wide range of aviation services such as

Approved Training

Part 145 and CAMO

Custom Software

MRO Aircraft, Engines and Propellers


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